The Operation Pollinator Program

Presented by Caydee Savinelli, Pollinator and IPM Stewardship Lead, Syngenta

Operation Pollinator is an international biodiversity program to boost the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms. It works by creating specific habitats, tailored to local conditions and native insects.  Farmers and golf course managers across Europe and the USA are provided with targeted seed mixtures, along with innovative pesticide use practices and agronomic advice designed to benefit pollinators.  Learn about these pesticide best management practices that you can use in your turf management operations.

Caydee2Caydee Savinelli is the Pollinator and IPM Stewardship Lead at Syngenta. In this role, she leads the development and implementation of strategies and tactics for pollinator health and stewardship, integrated pest management, insect resistance management and biodiversity conservation initiatives. She is also leading Syngenta’s Operation Pollinator program along with its research and implementation efforts. She has focused on pest management, product development and crop production throughout her 30 year career and has worked in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Caydee holds a Ph.D. in entomology with a minor in Crop Science from North Carolina State University, a M.S. in Entomology from The Pennsylvania State University and a B.A. in Biology from Gettysburg College. Caydee’s interest in agriculture and entomology started in childhood during the time spent at her grandfather’s orange grove in Florida.