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Advocating for the Green Industry through Education and Communication

The New Jersey Green Industry Council purpose is to represent, promote, and defend the interest of the Green Industry and its partners through advocacy, education and communications at the state and local level. By monitoring New Jersey legislation and regulation, we protect your right to do business in the Garden State. We work with a lobbyist in our state capital of Trenton and serve as the face of the green industry.

Securing Reasonable Regulations and Laws for the Green Industry

NJGIC is your voice before the NJ State legislature, the Governor’s office and state regulatory agencies on all issues affecting the quality of your professional lives and the environments you manage. The council is dedicated to representing member interests for a broad range of industry regulatory and legislative concerns including anti-industry propaganda, fertilizer restrictions and regulations, junk science, licensure laws, local ordinances, pesticide regulations, pesticide notification laws, product restrictions, taxation of services, trade restrictions, water quality and water restrictions.

NJ Bill Introduced To Ban All Neonicotinoid pesticides

A new bill (A. 4349) was recently introduced by Assemblywoman Stender (District 22) that would "prohibit the use, sale, offer for sale or promotional purposes or distribution of any neonicotinoid pesticides."

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Canadian Editorial on Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

>>Gov't Get Off My Lawn"

Pesticide Credits Offered

NJGIC collaborates with NJNLA and others to offer continuing education credits and training at the NJNLA Summer Plant Symposium - August 13th

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