In New Jersey, the NJDEP compiles a list of beekeepers who voluntarily register their bee yards through the DEP. There are regulations in place that require licensed pesticide applicators to notify beekeepers when making an application if it falls within three miles of a registered hive and if the application is covering an area greater than three acres. This notification allows beekeepers a chance to move, cover, or protect the hive in some other fashion.

Annually, the NJDEP releases the list in a form of a spreadsheet showing that year’s registered bee yards with the beekeeper’s contact information. This list can be cumbersome to sort through and many times there are addresses that are not correct or contact information that is not valid.

In order to make the process of finding local bee yards easier for our members, the NJGIC has added a map to our website showing all the registered yards in NJ. Users can enter the address of a planned application and see what bee yards are in the area. By clicking on the mapped bee yards you can view the name and contact info of the registered beekeeper.

Please note that while this mapping feature will make finding your local bee yards easier, it will not take the place of checking the official NJDEP spreadsheet and confirming the yards in your area. It is our hope that applicators will find this helpful as a tool to aid in meeting the requirements of the regulation and further add value to NJGIC membership.

The full regulation can be read here. 

NJGIC notes on the regulation can be read here.

The current list of registered bee yards can be found here.