Position: Regional Franchise Business Consultant – My role as a regional business consultant is to serve as the “conduit” between the franchisees and Lawn Doctor’s National Headquarters. I am responsible for developing franchisee relationships and promoting the Lawn Doctor brand strategy. I assist franchisees in analyzing their business for areas of improvement (marketing, sales, operations, agronomy, training and contractual compliance).

Company: Lawn Doctor is a national franchisor of lawn care services and a manufacturer of lawn equipment which has been in business for nearly four decades and is leading the industry with over 500 locations in over 40 states within the United States.

What do you see as one or two of the major issues facing the Green Industry today? Regulations are something all small businesses have to deal with. They can be costly and sometimes unnecessary. Regulations at the state and municipality level such as fertilizer, pesticide and leaf blower ordinances and can pop up at any time that’s why it’s important that green industry contractors need to get involved in order to stay on top of emerging issues.

How do you and/or your company benefit by being a member of NJGIC? Being a member of the NJGIC allows our company to stay abreast on possible regulations that impact our business. This allows us to participate and voice our concerns to our local and state politicians.

What do you hope to accomplish and/or contribute by being a member of the Board? The green industry is a major contributor to our state’s economy and also provides many environmental benefits. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that and feel we negatively impact our environment. I want to help influence and change their understanding of what we do in our industry. I want to help be that voice!