Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management Task Force (NMTF)

The Task Force monitors all regulations and legislation relative to Nutrient management. Task force members: John Buechner (Lawn Doctor), Brian Feldman (TruGreen), Aaron Hobbs (RISE), Bill Murray (GCSA-NJ), David Pease (GCSA-NJ), Ed Waters (State Street Associates), Eric Smith (South Jersey Landscape Assoc.), Jim Kuhle (Lebanon Seaborard), Jim Skillen (RISE), Jody Shilan (New Jersey Landscape Assoc.), John Pope (Andersons Fertilizer ), Michael Bandy (Andersons Fertlilizer)Keith Kubik (New Jersey Turfgrass Assoc.), Mickey Stachowski (GCSA-NJ), Mike Kukol (New Jersey Landscapers Assoc.), Dominick Mondi (New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Assoc.), Tom Ritchie (New Jersey Turfgrass Assoc.), Chris Wible (Scotts), Stephanie Pizzoferrato (Scotts), Michael O’Brien (RISE)

NJ Fertilizer Bill Passes Legislature and is Signed by Governor!(more details)

New Fertilizer Bill Compliance – What you need to know (More Details)

See the final bill

See synapsis of the “State of the State” address by Governor Christy

Applicable Science References:

Letters from Rutgers University were sent to legislators on November 22, 2010 (Rutgers letters link)

What are the elements of the newly passed Fertilizer Bills: S. 2554 / A. 2290?

  • Establish one State Fertilizer Standard – Pre-Emption of local municipal ordinances.
  • Requires Professionals to be certified.
  • Limits Fertilizer Applications Dates: Blackout dates of November 15th –March 1st for consumers, and December 1st for professionals.
  • Establish Buffers from all water bodies: 25 feet from all water bodies, reduced to 10 feet with proper deflector equipment and an allowed rescue treatment annually.
  • Ban all phosphorus use: No phosphorus can be used unless soil test proves phosphorus application needed or after soil disturbance when reestablishing turf surfaces.
  • Restricts amount of nitrogen (N) allowed in products and application amounts: – Professionals: Maximum 0.7 soluble nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft., 1.0 N total per application, 4.25 N total annual applications. – Consumer content: Maximum 0.7 soluble nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft., 0.9 N total per application, 3.2 N total annual application, minimum 20% slow release content.
  • Set Fines for noncompliance: $500 fine for non compliance 1st offense, $1000 2nd offense for professional applicators. No fines for consumers.
  • Stipulates fertilizer bag label language: Follows AAPCO standard for turf fertilizer label to avoid the issue of a NJ only turf fertilizer label.
  • Sets sell through dates for existing inventory: Allows 2 years after the enactment of the law for enforcement of the new content law requirements (Section 11).
  • Exempts organic fertilizers

NJGIC position statement:

“NJGIC does not oppose the bill, but is seeking amendments; including labeling consistent with AAPCO, consumer content changes (0.7 soluble N, 1.0 total N, minimum of 15% slow release) –not withstanding other changes to current language.”

(Note: This was the recommendation of the NJGIC NM Task Force to the NJGIC Board of Directors, submitted to the board on Nov. 23, 2010 and approved by the NJGIC Board of Directors on the same date.)

March 2011 NJGIC intiaitives:-Certification Program development: NJGIC is actively reaching out the Rutgers and DEP personelle charged with development of the fertilizer certification program for NJ applicators. NJGIC is concerned about the costs and requirements of the fertilizer certification requirements imposed by the bill and will be actively offering help and ideas to keep this program reasonable. Two meeting have been held with DEP/ Rutgers and Industry to discuss and develope the fertilizer program required by the new fertilizer law. Additional meetings and work efforts anticipated in April and May.

December 13, 2010 – The amended Assembly Fertilizer Pre-Emption Bill (A. 2290) passed the full Assembly (66-7-1), then the new Senate Fertilizer Pre-emption Bill (S. 2554) which includes elements of S. 1411 language with added AAPCO language amendments and revised sell through dates for old inventory was passed by the full Senate (35–3). Lastly, the bill then went back to the Assembly to be amended to match the approved Senate Fertilizer Pre-emption Bill (S. 2554) which passed Assembly concurrence (67-7-1).

December 9, 2010 – Assemblymen Burzichelli Comments on fertilizer bill to NJ Turf Expo – “NJGIC Nutrient Management Task Force and SSA carried the ball to the goal line, doing all the right things in communicating issues to the fertilizer bill sponsors (Smith and Keon), working hard on reasonable compromises and being a trusted source of information for decision makers.”

December 2010 NJGIC intiaitives: NJGIC Nutrient Management Task Force y worked to communicate to industry the news about the passage of the precedent setting Fertilizer Pre-emption Bill (A. 2290/S. 2554) – passed Dec. 13, 2010.) . NJGIC’s work is not done: Important follow-up to the passage of this bill include:

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